Odylyne - Odylyne The Ceremony - Juliette Skirt & bodysuit, XS

$700 $2,800

This gown is a Sample Sale gown, which means it's been previously worn.


This gown fits sizes US0 - US2 best

Bust: 33 in.
Waist: 26 in.
Big Hip: 36 in.

Great Condition - Just needs cleaning, was barely on the floor. 

Things to keep in mind:
  • We don't recommend buying a gown more than 2 sizes up from your current size
  • Zippers, minor holes and slight beading loss can easily be repaired in alterations
  • A good cleaning will be needed for most of these Sample gowns, but we have excellent cleaners to recommend in order to bring these beauties back to life! Many times hemming alone can take off the bottom discoloration. 
  • Alterations generally cost $250-500, so factor that in when making your purchase
  • If you have any last minute questions about the condition of the gown, email samplesale@lohobride.com

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